......Me and some fine detroit iron, September 8, 1973......
This is my own personal scrapbook, an attempt to arrange these automotive events in chronological order before I become too senile to remember.
For those of you who know me, I hope these notes and pictures bring back fond memories and prove to be at least somewhat entertaining,... 
-- Steve Richmond --

Cop Bait?
A '57 delivery equipped with four
speed, 427, and a straight axle,
-- what more could you ask for at
A rare '62 SS 348-4 speed car, and 
black to boot, ...wish I had it now!
That white spot behind the sail panel
is a cat.

"The Bug"
375 hp 350 engine - '70 Z-28 front frame spliced to '55 Chev. rails - 373 "posi" Z rear - some really big wheels & tires - 250lb. '67 VW body = a Wild ride!  (The radiator was located in the rear).
Sorry I don't have pictures of the completed project, but this was a sharp looking ride after I finished widening the fenders and running boards.
I had considered trying my luck at selling a kit to others that would allow them to build there own version very quikly and easily, but became side-tracked with other things.
Note the various cars & trucks in the background, from left to right they are:   '37 Chev truck, '67 Dodge Coronet R/T 440 magnum, '48? Packard sedan, '57 Studebaker Golden Hawk, '62 Chevrolet.

"His 'n Hers" Chevrolets
331-4 speed, and 454-auto respectivly.  Both of these cars were show quality, and I did all the work on the frame-off restoration of the '66 including the engine building and painting.

'73 Vega GT, 302-4 speed, before I narrowed the rear end, and had the wheel wells tubbed.   I still have this car.

I began seriously building wrecks in '74,-- check out these "before and after" shots!

This Greenwood 'vette was built from a wrecked '71 model, ...you could always count on this car to turn heads!

'84 Z51 Corvette
I loved this car in spite of the fact that it was in for warranty work as much as not.  I personally prefer the "Cross Fire" fuel injection on these cars to the later Tuned Port" type. As you can see, the wrecked automobile business was good to me in '83.

'83 Nissan with twin-turbocharged BMW V8.
Was it fast? -- YES! -- it could easily embarass my '84 Corvette and not even break a sweat. 
You can believe this or not,-- but  I had this car sold to the producers of "Miami Vice", to replace the Ferari boxer kit-car (it was really a Corvette) driven by Don Johnson on the series, however, it was bumped in favor of a Testarosa at the last minute.

I built this SS from a totally demolished '84 Monte Carlo (not an SS) just to prove I to folks that I could do it.  It had left the road at high speed and fallen over 100' down an embankment onto railroad tracks below killing the driver, a local girl, instantly.  It was sitting at a local wrecker company, and everyone had commented on the extensive damage, saying that the car was irreparable, so I just couldn't resist the temptation.

One of several Grand Nationals I built from wrecks & stripped recoveries.  I liked everything about these cars except the sound.

Ahh,.. the good old days,.. 
After some skillful "trimming" this toasted IROC coupe is about to get a new lease on life as a wild street roadster.  I really wish I had taken more pictures now, but in those days I didn't expect to live this long anyway.

More Cars... 
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