-- Here are more examples of my insatiable need to modify and beautify, or just experiment with automotive machinery --

"The Sled"
I bought this '69 Oldsmobile at a car sale for $300.00 looking as it did in the upper photo, I only wanted it for the 455 engine and the transmission.  Anyway, being as how it was so ugly and I figured it couldn't do any harm, I decided to cut off the top and make myself a convertible to ride around in for the afternoon before I removed the engine.  Surprisingly, I liked the way it looked afterwards, and it even seemed to drive better, so I just invested a little more time, and built myself a turing car.

This is what I call a hood-full,-- 406 cid small block olds with ported 6.6 T/A heads, balanced and dyno'd at over 425 hp.  Looks pretty stock if you don't notice the dual snorkel air cleaner w/ ram air.
Warming up on a cool morning,... You can get an idea about the size of the engine, and cam by observing the amount of steam coming from both sides, and the way it is released in puffs.  It looks innocent, right?,.. it would cover the 1/8 mile in under 9 seconds.
 Rear axle was Buick Grand National 3.53:1 posi.
Here you you can see the correct color of the car, and get a better view of the 245VR60-15 Good-Year Eagle tires.  I made my own machine to grind the whitewalls into the sides,-- on the right is a photo of them with the white letters still showing.
"Corvette Eaterrrrrr" 
Something I pieced together for my girlfriend, This '84 Buick Regal Limited was modified from top to bottom and end to end, it was the consummate "sleeper".

My personal driver for about three years,.. I used this SS as a rolling test bed, in it's last incarnation it was one of the fastest street cars in this area.  It would break both back tires loose (255R15 Eagles) at speeds over sixty mph on dry pavement, and almost dropped into the seven second bracket in the 1/8 mile, in spite of all this it still retained the stock ignition and carburetor, and was very streetable.

Another one of my Monte Carlo's.  The car was reasonably stock, with a 355 c.i. engine, small Crane cam, beefed trans, Corvette wheels, etc...

Sorry, this is the only picture I have of this '86 come '87 AeroCoupe.  It has a fuel injected 406 small block, and only 287 miles!

A very nice coupe I built from a wreck.

'A Lincoln "Mark", a '83 280 turbo, and another 280 ZX, all built from wrecks.

1993 - 99
My '82 Cadillac Fleetwood Brougham.

1992 - 99
My '91 Cadillac Fleetwood Brougham.

 I'll add more vehicles to this page as I find the pictures, thank you for stopping in! 
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