Hi,-- I'm Steve Richmond,. Thanks for dropping in!  This page is devoted to one of my favorite things,-- Power!,-- and this is the Ultimate Power Trip!,-- a 750 lb. custom handcrafted motorcycle, built right here in the southern USA, with unmatched styling, ride, handling, and a power to weight ratio you've never experienced,-- (unless you are a funny car driver or a fighter jet pilot).  Featuring lots of show quality chrome, CNC machined billet aluminum, & titanium parts, and a technologically advanced, hand polished aluminum V8 engine with a wide torque band and more than 350 horsepower on tap,... but before I go too deep into the it's technical nature,-- let me explain how the concept originally came into being,... 

   I've enjoyed riding motorcycles for most of my life, but because of my size (6'4"- 235 lb..), I could never find one that I really felt comfortable on,-- one that didn't have me looking like I was riding on my kid brothers "mini-bike".  As I passed by store windows and checked my reflection, (yeah, I know, but tell me you don't do it..) I wanted to be able to see the bike and myself as a complimentary unit,-- something elegant and graceful, -- you know,-- a rolling "work of art".  I just wasn't satisfied with the bikes that were commercially available.  Riding around in Daytona or Sturgis on my harleytm, it felt small, underpowerd and I just blended in with a sea of others. Well, some folks may like it that way, but not me,.. I wanted to be a pacesetter.  Most everyone else I knew seemed to be complacent with their Harleystm and/or "rice rockets", but I wanted something different, something more,-- something American made that would be faster than a Ninjatm and still have the comfort, low seat height, low center of gravity, and sex appeal of a Harleytm,-- and like most other bikers, I wanted all the attention I could get, so I knew it would have to look just a little outrageous.   I considered this idea quite a bit over the years, but I never thought seriously about actually building my own "dream machine" because I just couldn't afford the time, money and mental energy required to do the job to my satisfaction (this being the goal, after all), and then one day while I was relaxing on vacation, it occurred to me that since I was already designing and manufacturing machinery for a living,  I had the facilities and ability to manufacture the kind of motorcycle I wanted, *if* I did it in quantity, and,-- if there were enough others like myself that would want to purchase a copy, it would be financially feasible.
  Enter the V8 motorcycle concept!  With a somewhat optimistic point of view, I reasoned  that this class of buyer was a good probability,.. and at that point I sat down and drew the sketch you see above.   Meanwhile colorful fantasies rushed through my mind,.. e.g. making a big debut in Daytona during the bike races, stealing the glory (the feild was wide open back then), ...and the fame and fortune that would surely follow!...  Well,.. that was 1989 and as you know it's now almost 1998.   It's been 9 years since I sold my last bike, and I vowed not to ride another motorcycle until I could ride my own V8 creation,-- but alas, because of a lack of funds, and a constant influx of seemingly more important matters of business, the only real progress I've been able to make is on paper.  Since that time I have watched attempts from others who had ideas along similar lines, and one in particular, although the design left something to be desired,-- none the less, has been very successful!,-- and this has confirmed my idea that there are other people in the world looking for something different and/or bigger than the standard fare. 
   I'm confident that those with an eye for style will be able to see from my original draft, that even the first crude representation depicts better engineering, and also appears more graceful and balanced than some other current (V8) efforts.  (I know it probably sounds like I'm bragging, but please don't let that put you off.  I know what I'm doing where engineering is concerned,.. it's my passion, and I'm very confident about that subject.)  There have been many design changes since then, and my newest designs are almost 300 pounds lighter than the other bikes (which have no transmission) now available, and incorporate a custom made, lightweight and efficient automatic transmission w/ 3 forward ratios, plus reverse, and an overdrive ratio.  The engine is also custom and appears physically larger than others for visual effect, but is much lighter and displaces somewhat fewer cubic inches internally.  The non-rotating parts are made of aluminum  It is fuel-injected, sports overhead cams, 32 vales, and produces well over 300 horsepower at the rear wheel!   A power to weight ratio of .50,.. or one horse power for every 2 pounds!,-- think about that for a moment!  The sport model has a full fairing which looks like nothing you've ever seen on any production bike, and it's  top speed is calculated to easily be over 200 miles per hour!  Please note also that this will also be a hand crafted, limited production vehicle.  My wish is to hold production below fifty units per year. 
  Now we're talking about a real motorcycle!,  not a clumsy looking, overweight chassis with a heavy, cast iron Chevrolet V8.  Please don't confuse my design with the Boss Hosstm, (I am not offering my vehicles to compete with theirs, and my products will also be a good deal more expensive.)  However, the success of BH alone proves the potential of the basic idea, and I'll have to give them the credit they are due;-- they've come a long way from the first models I saw, and they did make it to market long before I've completed the first salable prototype  One thing though, if I may ask you... what's the point in having a big engine and hauling around all that weight if any kid on a 600 cc Ninja can blow the decals off your gas tank while, I presume, also having himself a good laugh?!  Have you ever questioned how it's possible that 600 cc's could out-perform 5,700 cc's?   The difference is  integrated engineering!  My designs are well thought-out, and the plans have been carefully engineered so that each component works in harmony with every other part, and the machine will function in perfect concert as a whole with the rider.
  My bike wouldn't be quite the "jaw-dropper" today, based solely on the merit of it's V8 engine, -- because V8 bikes have become rather commonplace since '94' when the Boss was introduced,-- but my latest mechanical, and styling conceptions are on the "cutting edge" of technology, and it's never too late to start production on a superior design.
  I've had several concept drawings, artists conceptions, and engineering plans, as well as a mock-up prototype of this basic design, completed since late 1990, and for all those who have asked:-- I'm sorry I can't put more of the technical information on the web.  I'm forced to avoid the display of descriptive pictures and drawings of my work to the general public, for fear that other start ups might gain competitive insight from my hard earned reasearch and ideas.  Anyone who's sincerely interested in purchasing one of the prototypes, may see the current styling by appointment, and/or make a bonded deposit against an order by contacting myself at the E-mail address below, and on that note;... thank you for all the support I've received recently, and please keep the "cards, letters" (and E-mails) coming.

  PLEASE NOTE:  Some people have posted remarks suggesting this page could be a investment scam!  I'll try to make this as clear as possible!:  Your order is bonded, and this can be done through your banker, and if so , your money remains at your bank.  My capital is received from a company loan at my bank against the surety bonds.  I cannot touch your money until you receive, and approve your order, i.e. you must release the bond to accept delivery.

Steven A. Richmond Sr.   RAEC
"Your comments are always welcome!"


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