"Power to weight ratio"
refers to the ratio of the horsepower as compared to the weight of a given vehicle.  This, and a few other very important factors such as traction, power curve, and final drive ratio are directly related the the vehicle's acceleration ability.
For comparison purposes, the design proposed by myself has a PWR of .50.

A Boss Hoss tm with the 345 hp 350 cid engine has a P:WR of around *.30.  The average "crotch rocket" will be around .36, and a stock Harley Davidsontm would be close to .13, or about the same as the last generation Corvette tm.

*Due to the fact that the older BH has no transmission, the .5 figure would be a little "optomistic".  This is due to the fact that the rated 345 horsepower is only avalible within a limited RPM range, and the single 1:1 drive ratio would only  allow a practical .5 P:WR   over an approximate 15 - 20 MPH range of the bikes total speed potential.


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