These photos are sent in by our readers.
(!!!Please Send More!!!)

A very nice example of a "sidewinder".  Powerd by a 390 CI Ford V8.
Sent in by SAM & PIP -- sampip@xtra.co.nz

Another sidewinder, submitted by reader/builder Paul Burgess, who is living in the phillipines



From friends at Ricechoppers,..  this one pretty much speaks for it's self.
Built by Allen Millyard in the UK, it's an exellent piece of work,.. looks llike a factory model.

From Ian Drysdale (McMod):   Allen Millyard's latest work,.. a V12 Kawasaki Z 1300.
 "Double your pleasure,.. double your fun..."
2600 cc's,.. tha's a gonna pack some punch, folks!


This one is motovated by an aluminum Buick V8
From SAM & PIP -- sampip@xtra.co.nz


Hey,.. don't ask me, I just work here... 
Y'know,.. it may be a little 'rough around the edges', but I kinda like it, just the same...
Not sure who the owner is, I don't understand the Russian language that well.
submitted by: Stephen Wiggins <echidna2@ihug.com.au>


These photos were submitted by  Johan de Jong.

Says deJong:

"I made these pictures in 1990.  The bike itself was constructed halfway though the 
1980's.  It is based on a BMW R51,from around 1961.  I saw this bike at a local 
pub and asked the owner if I could take some pictures of it.  I was very 
impressed, I had never seen anything like it."


Well no,.. it's not a V8,..  but what the heck!!!

Submitted by friends at McMod.


Fred Vosk sent in these exellent examples of his creative talent.
Here you see his Hemi powered "Superbike",
and a restored "slingshot" dragster.

A closeup view of bike.

Ol' Fred just wasn't satisfied with the "meager" performance of his
Hemi drag bike, so he built himself,.. well, what else?... a Rocketbike!!!
You can find out more about these amazing creations
at http://bikesters.com -- fredvosk@bikesters.com
Fred Vosk Design/Baytown Productions
7145 Crossroads Station
Bellevue, Wa 98008-1145


From Terry Kruegrer
Engine:   8-cylinder, fuel-injected, 32-valve -- Fuel:   Nitro Methane
Horsepower: 1000+ -- Wheelbase: 96 inches
Elapsed Time:   1/4 mile - under 7 seconds, with top speed in excess of 200 mph
             1/8 mile - under 4.5 seconds, at 165+ mph


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