-- Here are a few examples.  I'll post more as time allows. --

I'm rather proud of this dump truck bed I made for a friend.  It is very versatile.  By adding or removing certain components, it can be converted from a full dump, to a pickup, to a long materials hauler, or even to a simple flat bed dump."
Here on the left, you can see the collapsible headboard side standards, and on the right, the two way lower hinge pins.
The tailgate and tailgate standards are also removable (they are bolted underneath).  Notice the heavy gauge marker light guards. Full length strap and chain tie downs are underneath.
"Hugh's Dump Truck"

"The Boom Truck"
Above is the before version.  A simple crane my father made up in three or four days, out of junk that was lying around the yard.  I had folded the boom up like a pretzel a year or two back, and although I had repaired it, it was still too long and too weak for my purposes.  I had a small amount of spare time on my hands, so I decided it was time for a small upgrade, and thought I would see what *I* could do with some scrap.  There is just a special feeling you get when you make something practical out of "junk".  About the only thing I didn't use rusty scrap material on, was the square tube collapsible boom sections.
Top left you see the truck with the mast supports, boom, and boom mounts removed.
Top right is the leftover scrap, bent and otherwise unusable pieces of the old boom.
In the bottom photo, you see Rick - one of my employees, working on the new boom which is already mounted in it's new location.  Also, you can see the remodeled mast supports with their new mounting brackets.
Top left, see the new boom mounting and the "bowstring" truss.
Top right, the new collapsible sections, new boom end swivel / sheave, and the new compound tackle block for the rigging cables.
Lower left is the new boom mounted and operational.
Lower right, here the new boom is fully extended.  Measured height from the ground was 42 feet.
Time to shorten the mast and make anew top with new blocks and sheaves for the rigging.
Left is the old one after it's removal, and on the right is the new one while under construction.
This is admittedly a very poor picture of the current state of the ongoing operation, but it's the best one I had.  As you can see, although it's usable, it's not finished.  I'll be adding more to the truck as time permits

Boats, etc..
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