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Southern Surplus Machinery Supply
~~~ Trading Center ~~~
Phone 706-937-6108


We buy and sell entire plants, and/or surplus lots


Contact us if you have machinery for sale, knowlege of plant closings, etc...

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Our products are listed with "thumbnail" size (or, no) pictures to ease page loading.  Please call or write for additional information.
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... Services ...

Full machine Shop & Fabrication Facilities

Shafts and axles re-splined and broken gear teeth repaired / replaced.

We repair blocks, heads, exhast manfolds, axles, and lots of other expensive items that most people believe to be "un-repairable".

We have over 20 years of working experience, and stand behind our work with a money back guarantee!

Don't despair if you have broken rare, unavailible, or obsolete parts.  Contact us today!  We can weld and/or build up almost anything,.. cast iron, alminum, magnesium, pot metal, plastics, and more!

... Sample Items From Our Stock ...

Yarn Steamer

Gas Heated Laminating Oven (15' W - 90' L)

1,200 # capacity Toledo Scales (2)

Dunbar Self Contained Hydrualic Truck Crane

Calender  Rollers (18)

Freight Elevator (4)


... Air ...

Neumatron Refrigerated Air Dryer (3" inlet & outlet)

... Pressure Dye Vats ...

Gaston County Computer Controlled High Pressure Dye Vat

High Pressure Computer Controlled Laboratory Dye Vat

... Lab Equipment ...

Forte' series 1705 Electronic Moisture Content Analyzer

Heated Platen Laboratory Press (from computer chip manufacturing company)

CSC Scientific Company Moisture Balance Anylizer

... Sewing Machines ...

Butt Seamer


... Warpers ...


... Machine Tools ...

Cincinatti Millacron CNC Vertical Machining Center (2)

... Extrusion Machinery ...

90 mm (24:1 l/d) Philteko Extruders with Colortronics Pellet Feeders (14)

... Tanks ...

250 Gallon Mixing Tanks, Flat Bottom, Two Bottom Outlets (2)

Polyethylene Holding Tanks

8' x 20' Horizontal Carbon Steel Tanks (clean) (3)

1100 Gallon Stainless Steel Mixing Tanks, Flat Bottom w/ Angled Drain Trough, Removable Steam Tube In Bottom and Porous Rim for even filling (6)

200 Gallon Stainless Dye Holding Tanks (25)

... Mixers ...

Blender Mixers (14) 3 - 50 HP

... Textile (weaving, knitting, ect...) Machines ...

Universal brand 60" Knitting Machines (160)

... Winders -- Twisters ...

:::  :::

Twenty Four Head Bellmont Take-up (stacked) Winder

Elotex Scrap Yarn Re-coning Winder

Twenty Four Head (heat setting) Yarn Crimper & Winder

Eighteen Head Bellmont Stacked Take-up Winder

Nine inch Utex Ring Twister

Doffing Conveyors

... Wanted ...


 There is much more on the bulletin board here at the Car Pool, and there never seems to be enough time to get it all posted.  If you need something you don't see here, don't hesitate to ask!
    You may also post your items for sale to our guest book, if you like.

Send inquiries, comments, and replies to;  INVENTORY,
or dial 1-706-937-6108.